Individual coaching to suit your business and career needs

Business Coaching

JMC-compassA complete business development programme for the self-employed small business owner; tailored and personalised around your own goal.

You bring the goal, I bring the process to get you there, helping you break your business goal down into bite-size chunks. I will work with you to develop a methodical plan that will take you along your journey in manageable and tangible steps and most importantly, in a timely manner.

Ideal for network-marketers and self-employed business-professionals who are brimming with great ideas and are looking to structure and organise them to achieve the next level of success.

Career Coaching

JMC-compassA structured programme of step-by-step tools and techniques to help employed professionals achieve their career transformation goals.

This programme is designed for those who seek career change or transformation in some way but may not be clear yet what the change is they are seeking. The starting point is usually frustration or unhappiness with the current situation and a desire to move to a better one.

We start with a blank sheet of paper and work through a methodical process of exploration, discovery and action to gently transition you to a more satisfying and enjoyable career outcome.

Coaching conversations can take place face to face or equally well via Skype or phone.

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